Thursday, December 25, 2014


I love my Christmas tree.  It is one of the very best parts of the season for me.  I love family and friends and good food and making things for those who are important to me. I love spending time with my family and friends.

I am a Christmas baby and so this season has always been very special for me, my favorite time of year.

I hope all of you are sharing this season with those who are important to you and doing everything you can to bring joy to those around you.  Enjoy your time together, there is no substitute for that.

Wishing you all the very best the season has to offer.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Washington State Quilters Annual Show is in the books . . .

Such surprising and exciting news.  One of the quilts that I put in our local guild quilt show won a second place ribbon.  Needless to say I was thrilled.  I haven't ever received a ribbon before.  Our show isn't a juried show or anything like that.  It is voted on by the attendees which is really worth alot to me.

Here is the quilt and the ribbon.

The pictures are separate because I didn't go to the show today (the ribbons were put on the quilts this morning) because I really wasn't thinking about getting a ribbon or anything like that and so I didn't get a picture of it hanging with the ribbon on it like you usually see.  I took a picture of the ribbon on my bulletin board though.

Really fun.

Until next time,

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I love Barn Quilt Blocks

Here is a picture of another pattern that I am writing up.   I have two more that are of the same type.  I love large quilt blocks on the sides and fronts of barns. These wall hangings are one block or motif in a large format, 36" X 36" and are reminiscent of those large quilt blocks on barns.

This pattern is a traditional Bear Paw block, easily recognizable. It was fun and quick to do.  I like the impact of the colors and how graphic it is on the wall. I need to get a better picture, this is on my design wall. I will try to get one outdoors when the rain stops.  

I used a perle cotton for the big stitch quilting and machine quilting as well.  I really like the effect.  What do you thing, would you be interested in something like this?  I have two more, different blocks of course, to show you.  I seem to be taken by these at the moment.

Until next time, keep stitching.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Patterns really are coming soon. . . I hope ! !

It seems to be taking me forever to get my pattern format and cover photos together to get some patterns available to purchase.  I am working on both paper patterns in the mail and downloadable patterns as well.  I thought I would put up some pictures here of what I am working on at the moment.

I designed several baby quilts and submitted them for a book.  One was selected, really exciting, but I decided to make some of the others for patterns. Here is one that I just finished. 

I plan on calling it "Splash"  it is a little larger than I usually make baby quilts, 51" X 51" but since it isn't really totally cute infant I think it will grow along with a toddler really well.

I'm working on the pattern now and hopefully will have it out soon.

Let me know your thoughts, I would love some feedback.  Also, I am linking to "Let's be Social", on Sew Fresh Quilts tomorrow, so check it out HERE

Until next time, keep stitching.

Friday, September 5, 2014

A Fun Distraction

I thought I would take a minute to show you something really fun that I worked up during the week.  I follow a blog by Lorna McMahon at Sew Fresh Quilts and the other day she put up a tutorial for a block which looks like a package with a bow on top.  She also showed several items made with the blocks including a really cute table runner.  

I downloaded the information and proceeded to raid my stash looking for some fabrics which would go with a recent purchase at the Buggy Barn Quilt Show of two pieces of Christmas fabric.

The link to the measurements and tutorial is here on her blog at Sew Fresh Quilts.

First, here are the lucky winners of the fabric search.

The two fabrics (red and white backgrounds) on the left are the new fabrics that I picked up at the Buggy Barn.  The other fabrics seem to work great with the new ones.  I will have plenty of the reds and greens to make several of these blocks.

The layout of the block is here.  If you look at Lorna's pattern you will notice that I made one change to her block.  I wanted to use the same fabric for the entire bow but with the center block being the same size as the two next to it the knot doesn't really show up.  Lorna used a different fabric for the center knot piece.  I decided to make the center unit half bow fabric and half background so that the knot portion isn't exactly the same size as the two pieces on either side and doesn't get lost.  I really like this change.

It goes together really fast and easy.  The following picture is the completed block with the borders on around the edges.  Really great don't you think. 

This was a nice distraction and a fun little detour from the other things I am working on.  Definitely starting to have some ideas about the holidays now.  These blocks would be great to use for a special "Birthday" type table runner to use for family gatherings or a special birthday girl or boy placemat on their special day.  What a great gift.  I can think of several fun things to do with this block.  Thanks Lorna.

Please visit Lorna's blog, I think you will enjoy her work.  I know I do.

Until next time, keep stitching.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood . .

Today was the Buggy Barn Annual Outdoor Quilt Show.  You may know the Buggy Barn, the Crazy gals, with the stack, cut and sew patterns and books.  That Buggy Barn is just a few miles east of where I live in the middle of a wheat field in beautiful Washington state.  We are so fortunate to have them as part of our local quilting community, such an inspiration.

This year's show was threatened with rain for the past few days but yesterday and today could not have been more perfect.  I love to walk around the outdoor show with all of the beautiful quilts, many made in their classes by students, hanging on the lines, waving in the breeze, draped over the fences.  Such a wonderful, and very Washington, backdrop for gorgeous colorful quilts.

I took a few pictures today.  If you ever get a chance to visit here, make sure to stop in at the Buggy Barn shop.  It is a treat you won't want to miss.  Now, without further fanfare, follow me.

This is what greets you when you turn off the gravel road.

The quilts are hung on the sides of every building, every fence and on lines waving in the breeze.  Quite a site, full of color.
 The hollyhocks are blooming as well.

This is the walk up to the classroom building

This is a closer view of the classroom building

Usually, at quilt shows I take tons of pictures of quilts, especially upclose.  Today I wanted to give you more of an overall view of the setting for this wonderful show.  Of course, the quilts were wonderful, but the venue was what really made my day.  I hope you enjoyed my little travel log, I sure enjoyed myself.

Until next time, keep stitching!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Daily Dose of Color

I just wanted to share this color inspiration quickly today.  This is exactly how I am feeling sitting here looking out my window at the gray sky and intermittent rain.  Dreaming of spring and new beginnings.  This photo is from a wonderful website that I adore  You should check it out.  The story boards can set the mood for your day and inspire so many creative thoughts.

Tomorrow I will give you a bit of an update on what has been going on in the "Woods".  A couple of exciting things coming up including a book cover.

Until then remember to Dream in Color Every Day ! ! !