Saturday, March 23, 2013

April Block Swap Done

I am participating in a web block swap from Simply Solids.  It is a 12 month commitment.  Each of us takes a month to determine what block everyone in the group will make and send back to us.  We can predetermine the fabrics and send them to the other members or we can chose to go scrap/whatever and each of the group members will make the selected block from their stash.

This has been really fun so far and I have enjoyed making blocks that are new to me and interacting with new quilters.  My month is June and I have been trying out a couple of block choices.  I haven't made a decision yet but have a couple of finalists in the wings.

Our group is running a little ahead of schedule and we just received the pattern and fabrics from our April member this week.  Since I have some time commitments coming up I started right in and completed the block today.  It is complete and packaged to mail off on Monday.  

The pattern is available on Sarah's blog Stitching and Bacon if you want to make one for yourself.  She calls is Wonky Diamonds and it was really fun to make.  Here is a picture of the final block.

Wonky Diamonds, Sarah Lowry

I like this block and had fun putting the color strips she sent anywhere I wanted.  It went together fast as well.  Go to her website and check out some of her other creations.

Really fun stuff.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Play Day - New Toys are Fun

I received a new ruler that I ordered "Quick Curve" from Sew Kind of Wonderful here in Washington state and spent a little time watching the great instruction video and practicing with the ruler.

It is really easy to use and makes curve piecing a breeze.  I was able to make the table runner here in just a day with fabric that I had left over from other projects.

If you have wanted to do some bold curve piecing you should check this out, it really works great.  Jenny Pedigo at her website and blog: 

Here are a couple of pictures:

Sorry this picture is so dark but the lighting in my dining area isn't the best.

I really love the colors though.  It is bright and fresh.  Just what is needed while waiting for Spring which must be right around the corner.

These curves are truly a breeze, no pinning.

You should at least watch the video on the site.  I have several possibilities in my head for this technique now.

Fun stuff.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Exciting News Today

Hugs & Kisses, 76 X 64, Large Throw
I heard today that Quilter's World Magazine will be publishing the pattern for another one of  my quilt designs, Hugs and Kisses, in the Winter issue which will be available in stores in October, 2013, later this year.

This quilt will be done all in solid fabrics.  I really love the graphic feel of this quilt and the colors, of course.

I ordered fabric today and am excited to get started making the drawing a reality.

Thank you Quilter's World.