Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pantone Color of the Year is Here ! ! !

Just a few short words on color and inspiration.  Below is the 2015 Pantone Color  of the Year, Marsala.  What is the Pantone Color of the Year you ask?  Well, every year and Pantone organization selects a color which it feels will be prominent in design, fashion, home dec, virtually everywhere as well as predictions as to color combinations or pairings and other colors which it believes will figure prominently in our lives.

Expect to see this everywhere in the coming year and start thinking about how you feel about this color.  Frankly I love the color, it can work as a neutral in so many ways but adds a depth and richness to everything is bumps up against.


A quilt or wallhanging?
Pillows to update a room?
Fashion or home dec accessories?

Let me know how you feel about it.  Does this color inspire you or turn you away and why?

To find out more about Pantone and the color pairings and predictions CLICK HERE.

Until next time enjoy and become inspired.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Pattern Coming from Kim McLean

You may not know this but Kim McLean is one of my very favorite designers.  Yes, I know, she does design appliqued quilts (the dreaded "A" word) but I happen to love applique and do quite a bit of it for my own use, gifts and relaxation.  The patterns that I design are graphic and bold, beginner to intermediate, but I truly love to applique.  I can't wait to have a look at this pattern and I have included a picture here from a blog that I subscribe to, Glorious Applique, which features her patterns and those who make them.

The Village, designed by Kim McLean
I am starting her Roseville Album quilt this year after I finish up a couple of other things but I may just order this pattern when it becomes available to save for later.

Take a look over at the website and the shop at Glorious Color, which features Kim McLean patterns for sale and some great fabrics and fabric packs which can't help but inspire you.

Start something that makes you happy this year,
start an adventure,
something bright and beautiful
that makes your heart sing every time you touch it.