Monday, May 27, 2013

Whacky Ring Toss Tutorial

This block is a really fast and fun block that I put together for a block exchange group that I am participating in, Simply Solids on Flickr, but I hope you all enjoy it as well.

The measurements here will result in an unfinished block that measures 15”.  The size of the starting squares can be increased or decreased to change the size of the block to suit your purposes.

For this block you will need:

2 each         9” squares dark (in the pictures I have used a purple hand dyed)
2 each         9” squares light (in the pictures I have used a lavender solid)

Feel free to use whatever light and dark you desire.  This is a great scrap buster block.  I have chosen to use the 9” squares to start because that make is really fat quarter friendly.  You can get 4-9” squares from a single fat quarter which will give you two of these blocks.

1.  Stack the four squares right sides up in one stack on your cutting table.

2.  Using a ruler and your rotary cutter make two cuts on either side through all layers.  Angle the cut and use a width that appeals to you cutting the stack into approximate thirds.

3.  Next cut the center strip in thirds.  Again, using a rotary cutter and a width which appears pleasing and at an angle.  Your angle may be slight or more pronounced as you desire.  There is no right or wrong on this block.

4.  Move the top fabric from the center piece to the bottom of that stack which will rotate the fabrics showing on the top.

5.  Assemble the unit as it is sitting on your table, putting the three pieces of the center strip together and then the side strips.  This method does not involve a great deal of matching and the pieces, especially the sides, will be larger than the center strip.  After the unit is assembled, trip down to 7.5” square.

6.  Continue assembling the other three units until you have all four done.  At this point you and twist and turn until you have a pleasing arrangement and then put the four units together for the completed block.  Every block will be a little bit different.


This block and this method is really fun to play with.  Choose your favorite colors and jump in, no stress, no waste, no matching.

Here is a picture of a table runner that I did using this technique and this block just to try is out.  Hope you enjoy this !!


  1. I just saw this block on the Simply Solids Flickr group. (I'm in the Puce group.) I just love this block. It's so simple and clever. I'm definitely using this one. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is great. I have a large stash of yellow-orange-red fabrics - mostly mottled batiks. I think this would be a great project to show off the colors and to practice my free motion quilting.

  3. Great tute Robin - thanks for linking up!

  4. I really like this modern looking block. Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. What a great design using a positive/negative block! Love the quilting, Robin! Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial!


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